My Life

Dating sucks

(The offensive rock, my wind blown hair and my friend Krystyn)

I recently went on four succsessful dates (or so I thought) with a guy I met through a set up. We’ll call him CJ.

We got along well and talked on the phone several times a week. We didn’t have much in common considering CJ is an avid outdoors man like backpacking in the mountains and white water rafting.

I on the other hand like shopping, movies, reading and working up a sweat in an air conditioned gym. To show interest in CJs interests I took him to a basketball game I got free tickets for and invited him hiking with coworkers. The hike was more intense than I anticipated not to mention it was windy and freezing. Was I slow? Hell yes. Did I stumble all through it? Hell yes. I even stepped in a puddle by mistake.

The whole time however CJ was patient with me and seemed totally normal. Afterward he didn’t come to lunch with us claiming he had to get to work.

He hugged me goodbye and little did I know that would be the last time id hear from him. CJ ignored the two texts I sent him and four days later my body still aches and my leg is bruise.

He seemed like a sweet guy and not the type to just drop off with no explanation. I can only assume he was less than impressed with my lack of hiking skills. What a jerk!

Lesson learned, dont go out of your comfort zone for a guy you’ve just met or you could end up hurt, literally! I need a massage!

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