Ombre Highlights

So I have been obsessed with Ombre Highlights ever since I saw them on Jessica Biel and Camila Alves. Ombre highlights are basically a technique where the roots start out dark and the hair gets lighter toward the ends.

Since the more grown out your roots are the better, it’s relatively low maintenance and easy to maintain. It’s also an easy way to touch up your roots with your natural color if you have a few gray hairs, like myself.

I wanted to put my own spin on it and go red instead of blonde. Since the color is so vivid, I decide to go subtle but you can make the highlights as chunky or dramatic as you like.

My stylist had never done ombre highlights before and kind of did her own spin on the look instead. Normally my hair isn’t curled so tightly but I was going out that night and wanted the curls to last. What do you think?

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