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Pledge Fabric Sweeper

I was having guests over and wanted a lint roller to pick up stray cat hairs but lo-and-behold, I found something better. Pledge has come out with a genius little invention. At the store I discovered the Pledge Multi-Use Disposable Fabric Sweeper Pet Hair Remover (I know it’s a mouthful) and paid about $5.00.

The idea behind the sweeper is that you sweep it from side to side and the two rollers will pick up the pet hair. Once the plastic dome is completely full, you simply throw it away. I’ve only used it twice but I imagine it would take a few months to fill.

I have a short hair cat the sheds alot in the summer. I used the sweeper on my bedspread and it picked up about 80% of the hair. I found it kind of awkward that the sweeping must be from left to right verses up and down, but overall I can’t complain for 5 bucks. The sweeper does what it claims and is super convenient when cleaning up stray hairs in a timely manner. I give the sweeper a B+. Check out my pictures above for before and afters.

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