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The magicals wonders of the furminator

If you have a cat or dog and do not own a Furminator, you need to leave the house right now and go buy one. Both Petsmart and Petco carry it, I got mine on QVC for $26.00.

The Furmintor does what the title infers, it eliminates fur. The tool is kind of shaped like a mini rake. You just softly comb your pet’s fur and it pulls out the loose undercoat. It claims to eventually cut back on shedding 90% if you use it on a regular basis and for cat owners, it will drastically cut back on fur-balls.

I was amazed at how much fur came out the first time I used it. There was a huge crazy pile on the floor. My cat is pretty skiddish but he let comb him for about 20 minutes the first day.

One thing I would recommend is to make sure you lightly pull out any remaining loose hair once your pet is done being brushed. I made that mistake the first two times I brushed London. I didn’t properly get all of the remaining loose hair out and he ingested it all which led to finding fat coughed up fur-balls the next day.

The pics above are of my fourth time using it and you can see how much hair is still coming out. I don’t know how I’ve survived the last 9 years without this lovely tool.

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