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Hipster Chic

A new band is playing at your favorite hole-in-the-wall club downtown and you know your crush from the coffee shop will be there. Catch his eye in this curve-hugging dress with nautical stripes as you walk right past him with your girlfriends. He’ll be so intrigued, he’ll have to come over and say hello. When you pull out your edgy chain-link clutch to buy a drink from the bar, he’ll tell you to put it away. Your money is no good tonight, which is a good thing since you just splurged on a fab silver-tone necklace and cross earrings with rhinestone embellishments. Once the show starts, impress him with the way you groove and dance with reckless abandon in these comfortable studded loafers. Cutie-pie is so smitten he offers to walk you home after the show so you have more time to talk. It’s a little chilly so it’s a good thing you decided to top off your outfit with this chic cropped jacket complete with pintucked sleeves and studded shoulders. Although, gazing into his baby blues makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It just goes to show, a perfect outfit can lead to a perfect night. Now, if you can just get that goodnight kiss…

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