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Neutrogena Naturals

I have been using Neutrogena Naturals fresh cleaning plus makeup remover cleanser and purifying pore scrub for a few weeks and I like it alot. There are no harsh chemical sulfates or parabens and just about all of the ingredients are plant derived.

I have normal skin and don’t get blemishes too often. I don’t use makeup remover on my eyes so I need a cleanser that does it all. This cleanser does a great job of removing everything, even mascara.

The purifying pore scrub boasts ingredients like willowbark and a jojoba bead scrub to detoxify pores. The scrub I would say is just okay. But overall these products do what they say and are great for the person who wants a cleanser that really gets the job done without all of the harsh chemicals in other cleansers. A-

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