A Collection fit for Royalty

One of my favorite stores, New York & Company has a new collection called ‘Diary of a Princess’ which is obviously inspired by Kate Middleton. Her style is impeccable and I think it was a really smart idea on NY&CO’s part to give us regular girls a way to maker her style our own for an affordable price.

My favorite piece is the coat pictured above which is $89.95, nothing in the collection is over $100. Unfortunately, living in Vegas doesn’t provide me many opportunities to wear such beautiful trench coats. There are also beautiful tops and dresses and they all have cute royal-themed names like ‘Royal Society’ and ‘Casually Regal’.

It’s a small but really chic collection, at least now we can look like a princess even if we still haven’t found our prince.

Here is the link for the collection:

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