30 for 30 challenge

30 for 30 Challenge-Mixing Stripes and Florals

I decided to take some fashion risks today and mix stripes and florals. It all started  when I bought an adorable floral skirt from a sample sale at work for 1$, that’s right 1$. I don’t wear skirts very often for starters and didn’t know how to wear a skirt covered in flowers. Since the skirt had grey in it, and we’ve already covered that I own more grey than the law allows, I figured I could make it work.

I knew I wanted to pair the skirt with the grey top I wore on day two of the challenge for another remix option but it’s cold now so I knew that wouldn’t be enough. I couldn’t think of anything to layer on top except for a blue and grey striped cardi. Then I googled florals and stripes and saw a ton of pics of girls making it work. It seems the accepted way to wear the look is a florals on the bottom and stripes on top, I was on-trend and didn’t even realize it. Did I pull it off?

Opinions, comments, or questions

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