30 for 30 challenge

30 for 30 Challenge-Post Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, I know I did. I took a break from the challenge because I spent most of my holiday in a cabin in the woods. I didn’t take many clothes with me and I wasn’t feeling very fashiony. But today I’m back on the bandwagon and hoping to finish out the last leg of this challenge on a high note.

Today I remixed a military-inspired jacket with a Bebe top. The jacket is covering up the Swarovski crystals that spell out Bebe. I finished off the outfit with skinny jeans and black peep toe pumps.

I’m proud to say I haven’t spent a single dime for cyber Monday. Then again I’ve been shopping almost all of November so it’s about time I showed some restraint. What about you guys, any good deals today?

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