30 for 30 challenge

30 outfits in 30 days

I learned alot from this challenge, the most important being when in doubt layer! You can completely change the dynamic of an outfit by adding layers. Do not underestimate the power of a cardigan, scarf, jacket etc.

Accessories are also key, specifically belts. Belts have a way of transforming the shape of an outfit or emphasizing your most flattering parts. Scarfs can add a pop of color or just the right amount of draping. Tights in various colors can also be a cool style element and make wearing a dress in the cold bearable.

Boots are also invaluable, especially in a neutral color like black or grey. The look good over jeans and amazing with dresses.They can also add a feminine, western, classic or tough vibe to your look.

By adding all of these elements together I was able to wear a lot more dresses than I normally would this time of year. Layers, accessories, and boots helped me style the dresses without freezing my buns off.

If you have a favorite outfit or even one you hated, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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