My new red Hurley Winchester Fleece

So in my quest to incorporate more color into my life, I went on the hunt for a red pea coat. Hurley is known for their signature Winchester jackets and I’ve always wanted one so the choice was really easy.

I picked out this lovely water-resistant jacket in the color stage red. It’s very soft and cozy but not super thick. This jacket would do well layered over a sweater in cold weather though. I wore it in about 50 degree weather today and it held up just fine.

My only gripe is that the buttons are too small for the holes on the  detachable hood and keeps falling off, as you can see in the picture showcasing the back. I plan on sewing the holes together to make them smaller. This problem shouldn’t exist on a jacket that retails at $80. The hood issue is not a big enough problem to make me return it though. Overall the Winchester is cute, stylish and adds just the pop of color I need this winter.

This jacket comes in several different colors and styles, get your own at

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