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Shades of Red

I’ve been following through on my new year’s resolution to incorporate  more red into my makeup and wardrobe. I’m really starting to get comfortable wearing the color and get many compliments when I do. I can’t believe it’s already the first day of February. 

I’ve always liked February, it’s black history month, it’s a leap year and it brings us the most dreaded or anticipated manufactured holiday, Valentine’s Day which puts me in the mood for love. No other color conveys love or excitement better than red. So here are a few items I pulled together to get you in a red state of mind.

Shades of Red

Red dress
$42 –

Oasis red cardigan
£35 –

Skinny jeans
$25 –

Platform heels
$35 –

Dorothy Perkins red tote bag
$35 –

Red tote
$40 –

Resin jewelry
$28 –

Nine West stone ring
$14 –

American Apparel lip jewelry
£15 –

Rose ring
$12 –

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