Plato’s Closet

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the wonderful thrift store, Plato’s Closet. Now I can’t even look at Savers the same way. Plato’s Closet sells  gently used brand name clothing at amazing prices. The store is clean and has a wonderful layout, all of the clothes on the racks are organized by color. They have the usual suspects like tops, blazers, jackets, denim, and of course dresses. The store has  a wonderful accessories section full of funky scarves,belts, and purses. The shoe section is quite impressive as well, I saw mainly fashionable heels and cute little flats. They also have a nice section of costume jewelry and wallets that they buy wholesale from other companies. I bought two bottles of knock-off  Crackle nail polish called Crack  for 2$ each that might not be as good as the name brand but gets the job done.

Plato’s Closet definitely caters to a younger demograhpic, mostly teens, twenties, and thirties but I defy anyone not to go in and find something they like. The layout is very organized and the store is clean ( no musty smell like some thrift stores, I’m looking at you Savers) with top 40 music blaring at just the right volume from the radio.

Right now I’m into building up my blouse  and sweater collection so that is mainly what I’ve been shopping for. My most coveted find so far is the adorable red cardigan with the gold buttons. It’s by juicy Couture and retails around $140 but I paid just $20! I always hear about people discovering awesome designer finds but this is the first semi high end item I’ve found since I started thrifting. I also found a beautiful navy and white striped sweater by Tea N rose but unfortunately it was too big. All of the other tops I bought were between $4-$12 and they often do mark downs to get rid of last season’s items. You also get a stamp card that gets stamped for every $10 you spend, once you’ve filled the card you get an additional 20% off of your total purchase.

Like most thrift stores  they will either buy your gently worn clothes or you can put the credit toward purchasing clothes from them. But they go off of supply, demand, and the label so there is no guarantee they will take everything you bring in. The best part about Plato’s Closet is that it is a nation wide chain, so find one near you and get your shop on!

Here are just a few of the things I’ve found there, including the red Juicy Cardigan:


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