The Perfect Blazer Series Pt 2

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect blazer but in the meantime, I bought this Volcom Blazer. It’s the same style as the black blazer I bought in my first blazer post. I really like this shade of blue, it pops without looking too jean jackety. Like the other blazer, the cuffs and interior pockets are in a pinstripe print that adds a little extra style.

Since these blazers are like dirt cheap right now on, I may also buy it in olive green. It’s a soft green color that would make a great neutral and go with everything.  I had to crop my head out of all of these photos because it was very windy and I have a wonky eye in every single shot. What’s even worse is I didn’t realize the bottom button of my shirt had broken off until the end of the day. Blazers are also great because they come in handy when covering up missing buttons, stains, and holes in your tops

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