Fun with Colorblocking

I wanted to get in on the whole colored denim trend but I wasn’t ready to shell out a bunch of money on a trend that might be out by next season. So I did what any sensible woman would do, I went to Target of course. I’ve been really into turquoise and teal lately so I originally wanted denim in those colors. This trend is so popular right now that Target’s denim racks were basically barren except for a few size 0’s and a yellow size 15. I ended up getting this berry shade because it was literally the only color available in my size. I found this lovely teal shirt in the clearance section for only $10 and thought it would pair nicely with my new jeans. The top also has a high-low hem which is also very in right now.

Every time I take outfit pics lately, the wind is always blowing like crazy. I promise I’m not walking around with my own wind machine, although it would be kind of cool to own one. Anyway, these were the only salvageable pictures from the bunch.

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