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Ombre Highlights Yay or Nay?

I’m trying to jazz up my boring black hair without doing anything super drastic or expensive. Everyone has been rocking the ombre look lately and I like the fact that the highlights are not super high maintenance. There is nothing worse than having to go in every 6 weeks to update your roots. This process can be especially damaging on African American hair so I thought ombre highlights would be a great way to add a little color without being too dramatic. I had red highlights last year and they faded away almost as fast as I got them so this time I’m thinking a nice caramel shade or a honey brown.

I’ve seen good ombre and bad ombre. I think it looks better when the  highlights are gradual and soft, not super chunky like you dipped half your head in bleach (I’m looking at you Drew Barrymore).

Below are few examples of what I think looks pretty and a hell no look.

HELL NO: Sorry Drew, I’ve always loved  your carefree ways but this look is not okay

HELL YES: Jessica Biel’s hair looks subtle and pretty.

This lovely lady from Glee has black hair like I do and I think her highlights are just light enough without looking brassy.


Should I get ombre highlights? Yay or Nay?

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