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Washington Trip in pictures

As many of you know, I was in the Seattle area last week to visit friends and family. I took a drive through my old neighborhood, saw my oldest friend’s new baby, I got in a lot of mother/daughter time and saw lots and lots of animals!  Here is a quick recap of my trip in photos.

Fun animals at Northwest Trek which is 500 acres of protected land and an animal sanctuary. You drive through on trollies and get to be up close to all of these beautiful wild animals.

More fun animals at Point Defiance Zoo:


The always beautiful Point Defiance Park:

The Narrows Bridge or should I say Bridges. There used to be just one but traffic was so bad they built another one right along side of the original. This was my first time seeing it since I moved:

Me, my mom, my friend Kiesha, and her two-week old baby boy Xander:


The ocean which I don’t get to see very often living in Vegas = bliss. Until the next time!


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