The Perfect Summer Haircut-The Bob

There is a heat wave across America right now and I’m in Vegas where it’s hot as balls, so I wanted to get a cute low-maintenance haircut for the summer. I’ve been wanting to get a bob since Nicole Richie’s adorable bob from like 2007, so I’m a bit late to the trend but luckily the bob is still hot right now.

What I love about this style is that it’s not too long or too short which is great for commitment-phobes like me who are afraid to go super short or would like to ease into the transition. Bobs also tend to grow out quite nicely which is also key for a haircut.

Here are a few of my haircut inspirations:

Lisaraye Mccoy


Sophia Bush

Anne Hathaway


As you can see, this chic style is versatile and looks great both curly or straight. It also looks cute with side-swept bangs, you could also get blunt bangs and go for the Cleopatra look. Jesse J looks very good with this haircut but it’s not for everyone.You’ll want the stylist to add texture to the back  and layer it so that your hair gradually gets longer toward the front. I’m not that daring so my haircut angles just slightly longer in the front. You can go as asymmetrical as you’d like though. It was hard to find pictures of these actresses from the back so I will put photos of my hair from all angles.

Here are my before pictures:

Here are my after shots:


I really like the shape of the cut and my hair feels so healthy. I probably needed to cut a couple inches off the ends anyway. I think this length will be low maintenance and easy to care for this summer and by the time it starts to grow back, the weather will hopefully be cooling down.

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