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Fragrance Spotlight: Forever Red

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a sample of Bath and Body Work’s new fragrance Forever Red and I absolutely love it. This scent is totally different than anything they’ve put out before, there is something very luxurious and sophisticated about it. Forever Red is definitely a scent that can compete in the fine fragrance category.

The notes consist of red pomegranate and a soft French peach with a blend of red osmanthus.  Add in velvety marshmallow and vanilla rum for a scent that’s irresistible. I haven’t really smelled anything like Forever Red before. It’s kind of musky and bold without being super fruity or sweet. It smells like something a strong, independent woman would wear, not childish or too girly.

The employee at Bath and Body said the perfume is oil based instead of alcohol based so it lasts longer and you get more bang for your buck. Clearly, he lied to me because the first ingredient on the bottom of my sample is alcohol something rather. I can’t read the second word after alcohol, it looks like some kind of abbreviation. I don’t appreciate the lie but the scent does seem to last all day.

They have been pushing the scent hard and originally were only selling .25 fl oz bottles of the eau de parfum to preview Forever Red. My sample is running out, but luckily for me Bath and Body work just released the entire Forever Red collection. The collection consists of body wash, lotion, body mist shimmer, and everything in between. I personally think Bath and Body should have just kept this an exclusive perfume instead of pimping it out in a candle and home oil etc. like they do every other scent. What’s next, a wallflower? Mass producing it in every form somehow cheapens it and makes the scent less special, there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. I think I’ll be sticking to the perfume only, I have no desire to bathe in it. The full size body mist starts at $22 and the eau de parfum is $44.50. Check it out here.

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