Maybelline the Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara

I’m a huge mascara freak and for me, Maybelline can do no wrong.  I’m an addict to the “the Falsies” mascara, but since I’m a sucker for advertising, I can’t help but try Maybelline’s newer mascaras. The Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara comes in a a nice yellow tube with orange cheetah print which I really like. The patented claw brush is very skinny and curvy, to give your lashes a “feline look.”

The collagen formula is supposed to give lashes 8X the volume with cat-like corners when you sweep from root to tip. I really love this mascara, it gives results in just a few strokes and doesn’t flake throughout the day. I use the Glam Black shade. You can’t go wrong with this mascara and it retails for less than $10.00. Check out the cute packaging and my glammed-up lashes below:



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