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Add a little peace to your week

I wanted to talk a little bit about stress and how to decompress. Between work, paying bills, deadlines, working out, having a social life,  and family commitments; life can be pretty stressful.  If you have kids or a second job,  compound that stress by 1000. If you don’t take care of yourself,  you won’t be good to take care of anyone else. Here are a few of the things I do to de-stress and tips you can use to add a little peace to your week:

Yoga: I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 years now and I try to go to a class at least once a week. If you’ve never tried yoga, it’s so much more than just stretching. It really is a mind-body connection. The poses and flows do amazing things for your body and your flexibility but it really teaches you to be present and in the moment. For a worrier that’s always in my head, that’s huge. When I’m at a yoga class, everything else melts away for an hour and I feel so  clear. I sit at a desk all day at work which means I have lower back issues. When I practice yoga regularly,  my back pain is decreased by 90% and I don’t have to get as many massages throughout the year. I go to a studio but if I’m short on time, I get in some poses at home.

My little workout nook.

Trigger point ball: In addition to yoga,  I usually attend 2 pretty intense bootcamp classes a week.  This leaves me pretty sore and stiff. This little ball is a lifesaver,  it allows me to really get in there and massage those knots. You can use this all over your body. This ball is by TPtherapy.com. You can get your own at Amazon.com or Zappos.com. You can also get the same results from a lacrosse ball. 

TP Massage Ball

Essential oils: Oils are another great way to destress. Depending on the blend they can do anything from helping you sleep, to boosting your immunity, or helping you feel energized. You can blend them with oils or lotion for massages,  or use them for facials, steam inhalations, air fresheners, and more. My favorite way to use oils after a long day is in an oil diffuser. The vapors not only act as a humidifier but they also make the room smell lovely. A lavender oil would be great for when you need help sleeping or to comfort a sick baby.

My oil set is by EA AromaCare Aromatherapy Essential Oils Blends Gift Set. It came with 6 oils:

  • Detox
  • Relax
  • Harmonise
  • Sleep Well
  • Muscle Relief
  • Rejuvenate
EA AromaCare Essential Oils

I got this kit for less than $20 at Amazon.

Calm app: Calm is a great app that  can guide you through meditation and help you sleep and relax . You can choose from various calming nature scenes and sounds. Guided meditation sessions  range from 2 to 30 minutes depending on how much time you have. The app is free but you can pay for additional features, it’s great for dipping your toes into the meditation pool. Calm is available for android and IOS.

Keep a clean space: My last tip, is to keep a tidy place. We all lead busy lives and there’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day to a messy place with clutter and chaos everywhere. Your home should be an oasis, a refuge from the outside world. It may sound crazy but clearing all the extra papers, trash, mess in the sink etc. will seriously transform your energy and allow you to feel calm at home, not more stressed. There’s a reason Feng Shui and the KonMari Method are so successful. It may seem daunting at first but start by organizing and decluttering 1 room a week and I guarantee you’ll start to feel lighter and free. I hope you enjoyed and are able put these tips to use for adding a little peace to your week.




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