The Perfect Blazer Series Pt 2

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect blazer but in the meantime, I bought this Volcom Blazer. It’s the same style as the black blazer I bought in my first blazer post. I really like this shade of blue, it pops without looking too jean jackety. Like the other blazer, the cuffs and interior… Continue reading The Perfect Blazer Series Pt 2

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Fun with Colorblocking

This vibrant trend isn’t going away anytime soon and with good reason. It can be interpreted into everything from accessories to clothing and even hairstyles. Here are few cool pieces. Fun with Colorblocking by sastewart featuring a leather clutch wallet Yvonne body con dress $78 – Big Buddha shoulder handbag $95 – Elliott Lucca leather clutch wallet… Continue reading Fun with Colorblocking