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Benefit Eye Bright Pencil

I have been working four 10s at work lately, which means I’m getting up earlier than usual. I personally don’t think life starts before 7am and lately I’ve been getting up at 6:20! This self-imposed torture is all for the greater good of having my blessed Fridays off. Since I’ve been waking up earlier, I… Continue reading Benefit Eye Bright Pencil

Beauty · Product Reviews

Victoria’s Secret Pink Eau de Toilette in Soft & Dreamy

I’m normally not into really sweet smelling perfumes and prefer clean or musky scents until I fell in love with Victoria’s Secret Soft & Dreamy perfume. It’s described as a soft blend of dreamy meringue and whipped cream and really does smell ‘soft and dreamy’. It kind of reminds of cotton candy or how clouds… Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Pink Eau de Toilette in Soft & Dreamy


July Birch Box-Glamour Edition

Hey guys! I’m back with a new look and a new name, so welcome officially to The Beauty Spell! I chose this name because feeling beautiful both inside and out has the ability to transform our emotions and physical appearance, much like magic. It doesn’t matter how great you look on the outside if you… Continue reading July Birch Box-Glamour Edition