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Product Spotlight: CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer

I’ve always heard that the key to sleek hair starts with a good hairdryer, not flat iron. The flat iron is important too of course, but if your blow dryer leaves your hair course and frizzy,  your flat iron can only compensate so much. After years of trying different dryers, I finally found one that… Continue reading Product Spotlight: CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer


Maybelline the Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara

I’m a huge mascara freak and for me, Maybelline can do no wrong.  I’m an addict to the “the Falsies” mascara, but since I’m a sucker for advertising, I can’t help but try Maybelline’s newer mascaras. The Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara comes in a a nice yellow tube with orange cheetah print which I really… Continue reading Maybelline the Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara

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Fragrance Spotlight: Forever Red

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a sample of Bath and Body Work’s new fragrance Forever Red and I absolutely love it. This scent is totally different than anything they’ve put out before, there is something very luxurious and sophisticated about it. Forever Red is definitely a scent that can compete in the fine… Continue reading Fragrance Spotlight: Forever Red

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October Birchbox:Goop Edition

I know I’m way late with this post but October was a crazy month with a ton of ups and downs. I was going to skip this Birchbox post and start new with November, but this box had too many great things in it.  To simply gloss over them as if they never existed would… Continue reading October Birchbox:Goop Edition

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Lash Blast Fusion Volume + Length Mascara

For me, Maybelline mascaras have ruled the scene for the last year, especially Maybelline the Falsies. But what’s a girl to do when Walgreen’s has a sale for Covergirl Cosmetics? I’ve always had a soft spot for Covergirl anyway, this brand was my first foray into makeup in junior high. Does anyone remember Lipslicks Lip… Continue reading Lash Blast Fusion Volume + Length Mascara