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Fragrance Spotlight: Forever Red

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a sample of Bath and Body Work’s new fragrance Forever Red and I absolutely love it. This scent is totally different than anything they’ve put out before, there is something very luxurious and sophisticated about it. Forever Red is definitely a scent that can compete in the fine… Continue reading Fragrance Spotlight: Forever Red

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Victoria’s Secret Pink Eau de Toilette in Soft & Dreamy

I’m normally not into really sweet smelling perfumes and prefer clean or musky scents until I fell in love with Victoria’s Secret Soft & Dreamy perfume. It’s described as a soft blend of dreamy meringue and whipped cream and really does smell ‘soft and dreamy’. It kind of reminds of cotton candy or how clouds… Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Pink Eau de Toilette in Soft & Dreamy