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Wen by Chaz Dean

Like most women, I’m always looking for new products to help me manage my hair. I had seen the infomercial for Wen products a couple times over the last few months and was intrigued but extremely skeptical. I mean who doesn’t want gorgeous, silky hair like Wen spokeswomen Alyssa Milano (who has always had amazing hair by the way, there are 8 seasons of Charmed to back me up on this).

Besides Alyssa’s flowing locks, I was intrigued by Chaz Dean’s (Wen creator) thoughts on shampoo. Basically he says the sulfates and detergent that cause shampoos to lather strip the color and essential oils from our hair (which is true) and causes it to become dry and brittle. Conditioner can only put so much moisture back into the hair and the damage has already been done.

Wen’s  star product is the detergent-free cleansing conditioner. It’s basically a shampoo and conditioner in one. Since it’s free of sulfates, the conditioner doesn’t lather but still cleanses hair and acts as a  leave-in conditioner, detangler and even shaving cream plus it reinvigorates your color and helps it stay in longer. Chaz claims Wen works on all textures and hair types whether you have baby fine, frizzy, kinky or African American hair.  I fall in the last category.

Can one product really do all of these things? Sure it sounds great but doesn’t everything on TV? I decided to give Wen a test run after I saw a QVC special I couldn’t resist. I  ordered the Sweet Almond Mint 3-piece collection for $58 which came with the 16-oz cleansing conditioner, 6-oz styling creme and 3-oz texture balm.

I wet may hair first and followed the directions loosely which tell you how many pumps of the conditioner to put in your hair. It doesn’t lather as I mentioned before so I just ran my fingers through my hair and worked it into my scalp. I then  combed it through my hair left it in for 10 minutes for a deep condition. It smells really good and I loved the tingle my scalp got from the mint. My hair was also left surprisingly clean.

After I rinsed it out, I was able to comb through my hair very easily and section it off for  blow drying. I didn’t even spray in my regular detangler so I could put Wen to the test. I used a few pumps of styling cream and Argan oil for blow drying. My hair felt lighter and fluffier than usual but not as moisturized as it normally does. I plan on using more hair serum next time but I was overall pleased with the results and plan on using it again. I don’t have Alyssa Milano’s hair but I don’t look half bad either. I really like the idea of sulfate-free products. My friend has been using Wen for a while and says you really notice a difference after the third use.

The products come in other scents too like Fig, lavender, pomegranate etc. that are formulated for various hair types. I think Wen is worth trying but I would recommend ordering from QVC, they are easy to work with and have a 30 day money back guarantee. Wen’s official web site on the other hand is great for info and watching the how-to videos but apparantly have alot of customer service issues. Just google Wen customer complaints to see what I mean. You can find both web sites below as well as a picture of me after using Wen.

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