90’s fashion done right Clueless edition

I’m watching Clueless right now and it made me think about the profound impact this movie had on my sense of fashion, mostly that I didn’t have any until this movie came out. I was a fourteen-year-old tomboy, clueless (no pun intended) to the world of fashion and makeup until 1995.

Suddenly Cher and Dionne entered the scene and I was hooked. I started wearing plaid skirts and knee highs and I wanted to be Stacey Dash. I went through a not-so-attractive phase where I begged my mom to let me get braids just like Dionne. Well I didn’t look nearly as cute as Dionne and begged my mom to let me take them out three weeks later.

Watching it now as a 30-something, I have to say I still think almost everything the girls wore was totally cute. I preface that as saying ALMOST, there wore some iffy hats  and a few odd color schemes for sure.

No outfit had a bigger impact on me then the outfit Alicia Silverstone wore in the pivotal ‘I love Josh scene’ and I would wear it today if I was still in my 20’s. But that does give me an idea for next Halloween….


3 thoughts on “90’s fashion done right Clueless edition

  1. I was at a totally different place in my life than you were when this movie came out but I loved it anyway (and still do). I was jealous of their style sense and what seemed like a “no fear” approach to color and hats. Of course, now I know they’d fit right into the London royal circuit with those hats! I wonder what Cher and Dionne would be wearing today? Maybe it’s time for a reunion movie? After all, we’ve had to suffer through how many American Pie sequels already?

    1. I agree on the sequel, it would be cute to see Josh and Cher’s kids and Stacey Dash could use the work. Can you believe she is like 42? Although now that I think about it a sequel without Brittany Murphy wouldn’t be right =(

  2. Sigh, I was so into this movie – it hit me while I was in 5th grade. I, too, begged my mom to buy me some new stuff, and what i ended up with was, let me see if I can remember, bright orange and lime green vests, matching skirts, knee highs and mary-janes. I was the pointing-and-laughing-stock off my elementary school. My efforts didn’t pay off, and I was officially dubbed a ‘wannabe’ which is social murder. My Kurt Cobain revival grunge fest in high school didn’t help me out either 😉

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