The Perfect Blazer-part one

As the title suggests, I’m on a mission to find the perfect affordable black blazer. When I find it, I will then buy one in every color. Blazers are timeless, they can be dressed up or down. You can wear them to work, church, dinner, a first date, the grocery store etc. Put on jeans and a tee shirt and you’ll look nice but casual, add a blazer and heels and bam, instant chic. You’ll immediately look put together, add some cool jewelry and you have an evening look.

This blazer is by Volcom and I think it’s pretty cute, although it’s definitely not perfect. For it to be perfect, the black would be sharper and it would conform to my body better, the material would also be a higher quality. I do love the pinstripe detailing at the cuffs, the sleeves can be rolled up or down. I also like that there is one welt pocket and one flap pocket for added flare. I like this blazer so much, I ordered the same one in Navy. The navy color was on an additional clearance for under 30$. I purchased this blazer from but you can also buy it on, and even eBay if you feel so inclined.

I think I will have more success at New York and Company,  they always have beautiful work-wear and have some amazing new lines out. Where would you go to find the perfect blazer under $100?

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Blazer-part one

  1. I love blazers too. To find the perfect blazer under $100, hmm, I’d probably go for eBay since they have tons of choice and I might find vintage ones I like as well.

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