Fun with Infinity Scarves

I just got this fun new infinity scarf from Groupon of all places. This is the Collection XIIX Chammy Leopard Infinity scarf and it comes in orange, green, and grey. As you can see below, I chose the grey because I thought it would go with more of my clothes. This scarf is super soft and plush and retailed at $38 according to Groupon, I paid $15 plus 3$ for shipping.

If you aren’t aware, Groupon has a new section called Goods. Under the ‘Goods’ tab you can find anything from Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Kindle Fire cases, boots, tote bags and more. I also purchased an $80 cutlery and knife block set for just $35. I think this is a smart way for Groupon to expand their services and continue giving us the discounts we love. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that they don’t provide you with a tracking number, so you just have to trust that your items will come.

Below I’ve provided a couple of pictures of how to style an infinity scarf and here is a cool web site I found called Tie my Scarf. It’s dedicated to all things scarves of course and additional ways to wear them including letting it drape from the back. I might have to try that next time.


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