What’s in my handbag?

So, I did the what’s in my makeup bag challenge a couple of posts back and it was pretty fun. I thought I’d follow it up with the what’s in my purse challenge. So here it is:

The bag: I switch my handbag as often as my mood but for now I’m using the suede ruffle bag by Jane Lizden. This bag is super soft and it’s washable.

The Wallet: My wallet is by HOBO International and the style is “Lauren,” I love how sleek it is and all of the compartments in it.

Notebook, mini planner, and pens are always a must.

Make-up bag with  several glosses, chapsticks, perfume vial,  eye drops, and a mirror.

Bebe eyeglasses: My vision is pretty good but I need them for driving at night and to see far away.

My keys, the adorable key chain is from Coach and the flower splits into two pieces in case I need to separate my car keys from my house keys.

Sunglasses: They are a must in the Las Vegas heat. These are D&G knock offs, I’m too cheap to by high-end sunglasses for some reason.

Pepper spray: A girl has to be on guard when walking to her car at night right?

ipod nano and earbuds.

Wen hand lotion, mints, and a nail file.

Well there it is! What’s in your handbag?

Opinions, comments, or questions

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